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Game Guide: Bad Piggies 3 Star Walkthrough

Bad Piggies 3 Star Walk-through Guide

Bad Piggies Title Screen


Bad Piggies is the sequel game to Angry Birds by Rovio in which you take on the role of the pigs as they try to steal the eggs from the birds.

This is highly addictive, challenging and very fun to play for hours. In Angry Birds the idea was to catapult your birds across the screen,whereas here, the game-play changes a little. Bad piggies requires you to build vehicles to travel across the level itself using the items you have been given or unlocked by completing levels.

There are three world levels to play through at this time, with more yet to be released. These are Groundhog Day, When Pigs Fly, and Flight In The Night. There’s also a sandbox mode to play in with all the pieces you can unlock from completing worlds.

This walk-through deals with levels 6-10 of When Pigs Fly.

When Pigs Fly level 6


Level 6 is a quick and simple level to complete. To get all 3 stars, follow a design such as the one above by using a wind compressor attached to a wooden crate and a 2 balloons on top. Start the level and begin clicking the wind compressor immediately. When your pig is above the star, pop 1 of the balloons to collect it and quickly continue pressing the wind compressor to propel your pig to the finish within the time limit.

When Pigs Fly level 7



This is a fairly straightforward level to complete. Place two wooden boxes in the centre and a wheel under each box. Select a balloon and place one on top of each box. Put your pig inside the right box and attach a wind compressor on the left.

Start the level and operate the compressor. The balloons will carry you down, allow your car to roll backwards down the hill. Blow the compressor again as it falls on the descent. Allow it to roll down the final hill backwards and quickly blow to the right again. For extra speed you can pop the balloons on the last hill. You should finish with 2 seconds remaining and grab an awesome 3 star rating.

When Pigs Fly level 8



On level 8 use a similar design as level 7. This time attach a wind turbine instead of the compressor pump. It requires a few attempts to get 3 stars on this level, so make sure you practice the timing well and it needs a little luck too.

Start the motor and begin flying over the first drop. Pop one of the balloons to sail downward to the slope. Turn the motor off and allow your cart to roll backwards down the hill. When it drops off the next edge, start your motor again as you approach the star. This is the tricky part that requires some precise timing to get right. When you succeed, pop the remaining balloons and motor down the hill to the finish line.

When Pigs Fly level 9



Level 9 requires two stars and can be completed in two attempts. On the first pass, aim for the first star. Attach two balloons and a turbine to a single box cart. Place your pig inside and start the level. Turn the motor on for a second and quickly off. Wait for the pig to slowly ascend to the first ridge.

When the bottom of the box clears the ridge, start the motor to collect the star and head for the finish line.

There is no time limit on this level so take as long as you need. The second star can be reached in two ways. Using the same method as the first star, popping balloons and relying on luck to fly over the finish line and grab the star before rolling back. The second method is done by waiting longer and allowing the pig to float higher above the 2nd roof before starting the motor. With a lot of height, pop the balloon and the cart will drop and crash, allowing your pig to roll down and hit the second star.

When Pigs Fly level 10




There are two options for building a vehicle on this level. The first makes use of a wind turbine motor, the second uses a wind compressor instead. Create your cart using 3 box carts and a wheel underneath at each end. Place a sandbag in the middle to weigh your cart down. On top of the left and centre boxes use 2 balloons, and a single balloon on the far right. Finally place your choice of power, attaching it to the left side of the cart.

Start the level and operate the turbine to move past the overhang. Turn it off and drop the sandbag off to allow the cart to float up towards the star. It can be tricky to align it just perfectly, you need to start floating up when the turbine is directly beneath the jagged overhang so that it touches the star when you ascend.

Just before reaching the star, turn the motor on again to fly across the chasm. Balloons may be popped manually or by hitting the roof overhead. Continue pushing along the hill to the finish line. To achieve the goal within the time limit of 14 seconds, the wind compressor can be used instead, continually pressing the compressor will get you there quickly.

This concludes the walk-through for levels 6-10.

Bad Piggies is available from the App Store for iPhone and Android. A PC version exists too.

If you liked this guide, feel free to leave a comment. Look out for more game guides in the near future. To commission the full game guide please contact me for a project proposal.

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